Ensuring Hand Hygiene


the process of hand hygiene in healthcare settings.


healthcare workers

  • Saves Time

    Reduces time per hand hygiene event by upto 50%.

  • Simplifies Hand Hygiene

    Makes hand hygiene convenient

  • Smart Intimation

    Senses precise instants to disinfect hands

  • Ensures Compliance

    Ensures that no opportunity for hand hygiene is missed.

HansureTM Overview
HansureTM by Observe Design is a wearable device that greatly simplifies the hand hygiene process in healthcare facilities thereby empowering healthcare workers(HCWs) to easily adhere to the prescribed hand hygiene guidelines. These guidelines are impossible to follow in the existing scenario where HCWs facing ground level challenges such as - lack of time, inconvenience, patient emergencies and forgetfulness. Negligence towards hand hygiene is also due to the flaws in the existing setup and not through any fault of HCWs.

HansureTM tackles all these issues ensuring that no opportunity for hand hygiene is ever missed. HansureTM ensures all time access to disinfectant at the point of patient care. The smart sensing technology in the device, intimates HCWs at precise moments when they are required to sanitize their hands in accordance with the WHO guidelines.

HansureTM Pricing
  • Wearable over any attire
  • Dispense calculated dosage
  • Handle multiple consitentcies
  • Wall mounting/ Surface mounting
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CARTRIDGESEach cartridge has 100ml disinfectant
$02.49per cartridge
  • Liquid level visible
  • One step replacement
  • Easy disposal
  • Available for your disinfectant
The disposable cartridges can be removed without leakage even if not fully used.
MECHANICALOn-the-go hand hygiene
$24.99Device + 3 cartridges
  • Single hand dispense action
  • No accidental dispensing
  • Weight: 165gm (approx)
  • Self disinfecting
The mechanical version is also useful for - travellers, restaurants, flight attnedants etc.
ADVANCEDcomplete hand hygiene for healthcare workers
$54.99Device + 3 cartridges
  • Intimates when to sanitize
  • Automatic dispensing
  • Posture sense and alert
  • Auto charge when docked
The advanced version of HansureTM has been specifically designed for Healthcare Workers.

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