HansureTM Details
Why HansureTM is right for you?
HansureTM is a wearable device that makes hand sanitization possible at the point of patient care. Where tradional approaches to increase hand hygiene compliance rely on monitoring, judging, forcing, penalizing and collecting HCW's data, HansureTM is built on the fundamental principle to simplify the hand hygiene process for the HCWs. HansureTM ensures that no opportunity for hand hygiene is ever missed by any HCW by addressing the real challenges that prevent HCWs from being compliant to the hand hygiene guidelines.
HansureTM is available in two versions - A cost effective mechanical version and a fully automated electronic device.
Mechanical Version
The mechanical version has the following features
  • Wearable over any attire
  • Single hand, single step dispensing action
  • Can handle multiple disinfectant consitencies
  • Dispenses calculated dosage
  • Self diinfecting
  • Can also be used as benchtop or wall mounted dispenser
  • 100ml cartridge - sufficient for entire shift
  • Protection against accidental dispensing
  • Easy replacement of cartridge

This version of HansureTM plus three 100ml cartridges can be puchared for US $24.99.
Advanced Version
The advanced version has all the features of the mechanical version plus
  • Senses and intimates HCWs when to sanitize their hands
  • Protects agaisnt posture ailments
  • No-touch dispensing
  • Auto charge when placed on dock

This version of HansureTM plus three 100ml cartridges can be purchased for US $54.99.
Advantages of HansureTM
For HCWs (Users)
  • Saves time by as much as 65%.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Makes hand hygiene convenient.
  • Prevents forgetfulness.
  • Protects privacy.
  • Does not rely on monitoring, forcing, judging or penalizing.
  • Protects you contracting infections.
  • Prevents you from getting posture related ailments.

For Administrations
  • Decreases average hospital stay per patient.
  • Reduced expenditure on patient care.
  • Reduced legal hassles.
  • Better reputation of the healthcare setting - brand building.
  • Prevents negligence towards hand hygiene in their employees.
  • Helps is maintaining a better work environment.
  • Reduces spending of time and resources to increase hand hygiene compliance.

For Society
  • Safer healthcare.
  • Reduced financial burden on healthcare system - saving of tax payer’s money.
  • Relieves patient from the tension of contracting secondary infections when they visit a healthcare facility.
Mechanical Version

HansureTM Pricing
  • Wearable over any attire
  • Dispense calculated dosage
  • Handle multiple consitentcies
  • Wall mounting/ Surface mounting
In order to place bulk orders, kindly reach us through our email id.
CARTRIDGESEach cartridge has 100ml disinfectant
$02.49per cartridge
  • Liquid level visible
  • One step replacement
  • Easy disposal
  • Available for your disinfectant
The disposable cartridges can be removed without leakage even if not fully used.
MECHANICALOn-the-go hand hygiene
$24.99Device + 3 cartridges
  • Single hand dispense action
  • No accidental dispensing
  • Weight: 165gm (approx)
  • Self disinfecting
The mechanical version is also useful for - travellers, restaurants, flight attnedants etc.
ADVANCEDcomplete hand hygiene for healthcare workers
$54.99Device + 3 cartridges
  • Intimates when to sanitize
  • Automatic dispensing
  • Posture sense and alert
  • Auto charge when docked
The advanced version of HansureTM has been specifically designed for Healthcare Workers.

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